A Note on the Republicans, So far

Tibor R. Machan

Michelle Bachmann would lose for sure. She has too much going against her: her rigid social conservatism that most people in America reject; her rigid looks that scare people (severity in someone isn’t attractive except to people with authoritarian inclinations); she makes too much elementary mistakes when it comes to facts she needs to put forth her agenda; she sounds artificial, etc.

Romney will never get over endorsing Obamacare-like health care measures as governor and is thus too vulnerable to being shown inconsistent, incoherent and opportunistic.

Paul has great ideas on nearly every front but his presence is lacking in gravitas–sadly he comes across too much like a hick.

So who is there who could overcome the obstacles to becoming appealing to the vast majority of Americans? Seems like Perry might if he can confidently rebut the likes of Paul Krugmann who want to undermine what he did in Texas and if he can cultivate a more polished, erudite presence.